Silences and glances

I don't think people are meant to be by themselves. That's why if you actually find someone you care about, it's important to let go of the little things, even if you can't let go all the way. Because nothing sucks more than feeling all alone, no matter how many people are around



The Tenth Doctor’s Suit Button Analysis - now in Tumblr-image form!

Because the manner in which the suit is buttoned is important.  No, really.  It is!

In all honesty though, I’m rather impressed that DT took it upon himself to change it up.  Keeping up with these tiniest of details is just another sign of how dedicated he was to Doctor Who.

The list owes much to Unfolded73’s Button Analysis on LiveJournal. As far as I’m aware she was the first to do the analysis back in March 2009 and share it with the world.

For the pedant in us all.

in which david is obsessed with his suit buttons…

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David Tennant interview with Teddy Wilson, preview interview for Doctor Who + Wings, 6/16-6/17/2014 (x)

This man is so adorable :)

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Nine trying to send a distress signal to any potential other survivor of the Time War. That’s not a good idea.

Inspired (a couple of months ago) by this picture made by this user on DA.

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for anon

Little Favour - behind the scenes

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make me chooseAnonymous asked: Mike Chang or Artie Abrams

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These kids are going places, maybe not college but places…

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