Silences and glances

I don't think people are meant to be by themselves. That's why if you actually find someone you care about, it's important to let go of the little things, even if you can't let go all the way. Because nothing sucks more than feeling all alone, no matter how many people are around


Evil looking Barty gets 3 wands shoved in his face, including our Severus’.

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look at the way ellen looks at her. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. 

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What’s this? A large version of my favorite gif that I’ve ever made? HELL YES IT IS.

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Let David Tennant take a tour on your blog!  I mean why the hell not! 

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This is the most Gif-able episode ever

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David Tennant and Mark Gatiss - a photoset

These two met and bonded over their mutual love for Doctor Who, and they worked together numerous times down through the years before finally working together on the show that had cemented their friendship (both on “The Idiot’s Lantern”, an episode Mark wrote, and on “The Lazarus Experiment”, an episode that Mark guest-starred in).  Mark was one of the first people David told after getting the role of the Tenth Doctor.

I love fanboy friends.

Mark Gatiss from the Quatermass Documentary:
At the end of rehearsal, we had mics in our hair and he (David) said, “We have to get de-mic’ed, I’ve got to tell you something.”  I thought something had gone terribly wrong with the production… and he said, “Chris isn’t coming back to Doctor Who next year.”  I said, “Oh God! Really?”  He said, “Yeah, and they’ve asked me,” and it was like, “Oh my God!”  As long as we’ve known each other we’ve talked about how we’d play the Doctor.  It’s our dream come true, so it was extremely sweet. I think he was quite nervous about telling me somehow, as if I’d actually try to kill him and take his TARDIS off him.

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